Creating different groups

Hi to all!
This is the first time i use and install Nextcloud, so i need help.

I have already install Nextcloud version 20 on an Ubuntu server (20.04) and my aim is to be the main administrator and to create groups in order my clients to connect on my Nextcloud and have their files there and upload whenever they want. Of course none of them can see or share the/with others.

So, what is your question?

See account management. Feel free to add as many users you like and assign them to groups.

Thnx for your reply.
My question is how to make different folders for each of my clients in order to upload and edit their files. Each client must not see the other folders of the other clients. Every client should connect directly to his folder.

Whenever you create a user in NC there is a folder created (kind of home directory).
The user will see this folder after login and only the user is seing the content.

Doesn’t that fit your need?

By now i run NC locally.
The thing is that i created the users i wanted and second step i created the groups for each client.
When i go to the option files (up left), i can see the folders of each client but on the details option and then sharing option for each client i see that ‘No other users with access found’.
Shouldn’t each folder had access for each specific customer?

first of all you’d need to put every user into his group.

and no… groupfolders would make a new directory within the directory tree of each users home directory. so they aren’t able to share home-directory.

Yes, i have already put every user into his group.
I dont understand your second input.