Creating a Nextcloud Docker Image with Less features and SSO


I want to create a customized Version of Nextcloud in Docker but I want to uninstall most of the pre-installed apps since I do not need them and wish to have as little clutter as possible.
When it rolls out, I want there to be as little configuration as possible.
Is there a way around creating a new nextcloud Dockerfile? I’m not completely new to Docker but the Dockerfiles look rather lengthy. Would you just add commands for the deletion certain apps to the end of the dockerfile and just call it a day?
I would also like to have a group already set up when deploying, so that I can expose all data that is shared by this group to a certain directory on the system (via docker-compose)

The SSO is another beast, I guess. Nextcloud does support it, however do you think that it could be configured beforehand and be rolled out (again, within the Dockerfile?!)? I’m in the first steps of setting this all up so any help would certainly be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

this code in the playbook configures nextcloud ready to run.

why do you want to delete the apps? speed? disc space?

Thanks for the link. I will browse through the repository and pick what i need :smiley:

The use case for this Nextcloud instance is more like a filedrop, therefore it does not need too many features. I don’t mind them actually, but I want to customize the container as much as possible and be able to disable all announcements and a few other things to keep the image lean.

then you know now an ansible playbook that will this all for you. :wink: