Creating a Local Calendar File on a Synced Mac

Operating system and version: Cloudlinux 7.9
Apache or nginx version: Apache 2.4.55
PHP version: 8.1
Nextcloud Hub 3: 25.0.3
Installed using Quick Install Wizard
Connecting using web interface (Chrome)

The issue you are facing:

Would like to keep a local copy of my NC Calendar on my Mac desktop.

Steps to replicate it:

  1. I tried to set up the NC Client to facilitate the creation of a local file with regular sync, but the features on not showing up in either the standard or legacy client app (Mac).
  2. The Visual Tour of the NC Client indicated that it can be done.

Visual Tour

What exactly is your goal? Is this about backing up the calendar or is it about connecting the calendar to a local app.

It says that it can show calendar appointments and other things on your server in the unified search. It doesn’t say you can synchronize calendar events via a file.

Thanks for the clarification. Are there any other ways to automatically back up the Calendars to an external drive?

Nextcloud itself, only offers a manual export from the WebUI. But you could probably script something with wget and a cronjob on an external server / machine, that connects to your server and downloads the clanedars via CalDAV protocol. I found the following post in the forum. It refers to OwnCloud, but in principle it should work the same for Nextcloud. Backup calendar data - #4 by stesie

Thanks! We can make that work.