Creating a group's admin

Using the comand OCC i can easly add a user to a group with "OCC group:adduser "
There is a way to appoint a user (or another group) as a administrator of a group using scripts? (no using a gui or a mouse…)

with curl and the nextcloud provisioning api this can be easily established

Hi, I am hoping you may be able to help me wollo.

I would like to give a user permission to create groups as well as users within their groups? Is this possible. I prefer that the user is not a “global” admin. The purpose of this to allow a teacher to create groups for her students. Would you be willing to guide me in whatever I need to do to perform this action? Thank You. Brian

Sorry Brian, but I do not believe that this is possible within nextcloud. But I am not the expert in this either. I am doing all my usser/group and share handling from an external db application, where i have the hierarchy already set-up. So the external application is setting up all groups, shares and so on via curl. My nextcloud users all have zero preveligdes. They evan cannot share anything. This is all done from a admin user, which is controoled via curl from the external applications

Thanks for the response.

Quite a trite response.

Ordinary users have no idea what you are talking about.

In addition, it looks like the command does not actually work. Here is the command I issued:
curl --data “groupid=GROUP” http://ADMINUSER:ADMINPASSWORD@HOSTNAME/ocs/v1.php/cloud/users/USERNAME/subadmins

Here is the response:
{“message”:“CSRF check failed”}

Quite cool. Looks like I will have to modify the Nextcloud database.