Create visible feedback about stopped synchronization after copying large folders

I support a hosted nextcloud installation for a small architecture office. We have different synchronization folders for active projects (Documents/Akquise_Kunde) and for closed projects (Documents/Archive). One of the architects moved a project folder from the active folder to the archive folder by Windows mouse drag&drop today. The size of the folder is about 1GB which exceeds the configured limit for synchronization of 500MB.

The architect called me for support as the project folder was removed from the origin folder but was not yet visible (in Windows) in the target folder. He was worried that he had completely lost all project data. Windows search did not find any of the project files (his claim, I did not verify).

When I opend the Nextcloud windows it stated in the bottom line that one folder was too big for synchonization (the lost project folder). I clicked on the button to confirm that everything should be synchonized. After that click Windows showed the project folder in the target location with the blue overlay icon indicating that a sychronization was going on.

The architect lost at least one hour of his valuable working time and he lost faith in the correct working on Nextcloud and Windows. I propose two changes to Nextcloud:

  1. Nextcloud must not interfere in the correct working of Windows (or any other OS). Especially it must not stop any file of folder copying.
  2. If the synchonization is stopped for any reason (e.g. because a folder is too big), not only show it in the Nextcloud window, but also create an OS notification that the user will see.

Kind regards

I suggest you to open a ticket in Github. The developers use that website and they could accept your suggestions.

If the problem happened with the desktop client,

is the right place

Thanks for the hint. I have just created issue #1618