Create version when updated file is synced (invalid)

I like the versioning of files, it can be a life saver. However I was surprised recently when it didn’t seem to work.

I had a file that had not been edited for a year. I (accidentally) updated that file.

When I realised what I had done, I thought that Nextcloud would have created a version copy of the original file that I could just restore to. But no, no version was stored, so I had to rely on my external backups to get it back.

Is this designed behaviour? I’ve read the docs but I’m not sure how that applies in this situation?

I expected the original file to be kept as a previous version, but it wasn’t.

Didn’t work, how exactly? Is there no Versions list under Details?

Is the Versions app perhaps disabled?

What version of NC?

Can you create a test file via the web UI and click on Details check for an initial version being listed?

Can you then to open the file again and modify it? Does a new version show in the Version list?

Versioning was working - generally.

But when the file being edited is (say) a year old, but I think NC’s logic was like:

  1. Here’s a new version of a file
  2. Do I keep old versions? Well that one’s a year old, let’s delete it.
  3. Oh look, now we have no versions and the old file that was now overwritten cannot be restored.

This was with NC version 25.something, but I’ve upgraded since.

However, I cannot reproduce this now. Now when I replace an old file it does correctly produce a revision it calls “Initial Version”.

So either it was a bug that affected NC 25.x, or it was some one-off weird thing.

Thanks for your time, I think this can be considered close.

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