Create nextcloud on server 2016

-Hi all,

I want to realize a private cloud for a customer.

The CEO wants to share a few maps on the file storage (server 2016) to his iPad/PC to use this when he is at other customers.
He does not want to change his mapping structure on the server.
Is it possible the create a server for nextcloud and run Hyper V install nextcloud server and add a LDAP connection to the filestorage?

Also, can he choose what file’s he want to use offline? The file map is now 9gb and wil continu to grow.

Hope you can help me out.

Nextcloud is just an application and will run on any Linux system (e.g. LAMP setup), this can be as well a virtual machine. Windows or Mac cannot be directly (=without VM) used for the server. You can connect Nextcloud to an external storage (SMB, SFTP, NFS, …) and also use external authentication via LDAP.

The NC client syncs files and folders to your local file system, you can of course choose what to sync (on a folder-basis). The client always creates a local copy.
You can also directly mount webdav, this way the files are only on the server and no local copy is created.

I wouldn’t do this kind of setup. Of course it is possible to give your CEO access to his folders but then this wouldn’t be secure if everything is build up on one machine. I assume you’re also hanging behind a router/firewall directly? Consider breaking this up in two or more segments. Also consider to use a Reverse Proxy in front of your Nextcloud in your demilitarized segment.