Create new Nextcloud installation on existing system

Currently evaluating Nextcloud on VMware Centos v7.9 system so keeping data isn’t important. I accidentally installed MariaDB v5.x and therefore had problems with 4-byte support. I’ve upgraded to MariaDB 10.6 and Nextcloud is fine (still on non-4 byte).

But I’m still unable to get 4-byte support working so I thought I’d start again - drop & recreate the database and contents of the data folder on the assumption that the setup script would run again.

Except this doesn’t work. I get the following error. Clearly creating a new database and deleting contents of data isn’t enough. Is this process documented anywhere/what else needs resetting?

Hi @robnicholsonmalt

CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS <db_name> CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_general_ci;

shoud do the trick.

Not sure what exactley is required. But if keeping data is not important, I would delete the hole nextcloud folder and create it new from the zip file or tarball. That’s what I did last time i reinstalled it on a test server.

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