Create files and folders with special characters not possible

After upgrading to Nextcloud version 10 from 9, creating and syncing files and folders with special characters (space, áéűú etc.) not possible. On version 9 this was not a problem.

Server configuration is Apache 2.4 with ProxyPassMatch to PHP-FPM 5.6.26.


It seems to be working for me. Do you have a specific test case other than, 'áéűú '. Are there any errors in the nextcloud.log file, or the sync client?


I see only this error in apache log:

[proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 21287] [client xxxx:7976] Invalid status line from script ‘K%C3%A9pek’: 0

Opening a previously created directory in version 9, is allso not possible!

I had the same issue, please look at Unable to access directories starting with a hash sign and check if this also applies to your configuration.


I had same issue with space in folder name and your link solved the issue for me too (apache2 + fcgi and use FilesMatch instead of ProxyPassMatch).