Create different views on tasks

What I always wanted in Deck was structuring my tasks in different boards. I would like to hear if its just me or anyone else would find this useful. I have the following use case:

I am creating different (shared and private) boards where we categorize tasks and assign due dates to them. The due dates in my case are usually not the time where I plan to do them - I want them planned before they have to be done. I thought about creating a personal “week” or “month” board where I can plan them on specific days or weeks (meaning lists in Deck). Also I don’t want to move the tasks from the shared boards as my team members still should be able to see and track all tasks. This brings me to my idea of creating views on tasks. Would it be possible to create boards which include specific tasks from other boards without removing them from there?

Would someone be interested in this feature or is this only a specific need of me?

There is no issue with this particular request yet (as far as i can see).

A few existing issues are similar or related to your request:

However there are a few obstacles which need to be questioned first:

  • Boards don’t share tags and lists globally, but each board has its own configuration (which i like and wouldn’t change).
  • On what should the columns be based on? Boards / lists? Due date? And forever one decides, the other information needs to be present on the cards then → This will result in pretty complex logic and users might not understand which information is shown on the cards and which not.
    • To not lose the overview, swimlanes might be a solution? (See issue)
  • How can / will Drag & Drop behave? (See issue for Upcoming cards view)
  • How can / will Public board sharing work in the future? (See issue)
  • Will the API expose those kind of views, so other clients like the Deck Android app are able to synchronize them?

Maybe you should just open a feature request in the issue tracker, ideally after thinking about answers for the questions :wink:. While i can’t promise that the developer will implement this, i would definitely favor custom views over “Link/share card into another board

Trivia: We have an issue for the Deck Android app which basically might implement your described behavior as widgets at some point in the future.

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