Create a task from an email

Many people I know use emails as a todo list.
I was thinking about a way to create a nextcloud/task from a nextcloud/email.
The task should have the email object as subject.
Mozilla/Thunderbird offers a similar feature.
Anyone thinks this could be useful?

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Interesting idea. I am also interested in this.

See email to task issue #128. This is an open feature request at this time.

I am also interested in this function. Thread started from 2018. Anything already known? Please do not send me to another link. They are looped. Still no solution?

Hi @LozaP, the open feature request is in my previous post to yours.


WOW. What a quick answer. And if you can add more options, e.g. from an e-mail to the calendar, but without a date - I could also treat it as a task. The problem is that if I add a day, I have to move it. It was also good to be able to add the statuses of this schedule.

It seems you could try to prefill a calendar event from a URL

Open calendar with title and/or description and/or alarms query params (e.g.

Edit: It seems since August you can now create a calendar Event / Task from the Mail app

Give it a test in the Mail app and let us know.