Create a new email address to the nextcloud email service when register a new user


I am Akhilesh. Working as a PHP developer. I am new in Nextcloud
Could you please anyone to help me to achieve the below requirements

I have installed Nextcloud server with default Apps. Now enabled the Registration App to register a new user.
I can see all members send and receive email when the mail app is enabled. But currently the new members have to manually add their email server details.
So we planned to configure a mail server with LDAP and set this configuration as default. So users don’t need to enter the mail server details.
My plan is to allow users to register Nextcloud using username and password. Then automatically create an email address like So once the user registers their account, they can easily access mail service with this email address and password.

So let me know the exact way to achieve this requirement? I hope to create a new app for this functionality.
I think I need to extend the registration app. Is this the proper way to achieve it?

Please anyone guide me to solve this…



Open the admin settings UI and go to “Collaboration”. There you’ll find the option to provision an account for every user.


Hi Christoph,

Thanks for your update.

Sorry! I didn’t find out the menu “Collaboration”. Under Administration settings, I can see Overview, Support, Basic Settings, etc…

How can we manage the registration process like the above requirement? Is it with a new App?


No it’s via the Nextcloud Mail app.

It’s “Groupware” not “Collaboration”. My bad.

Hi Christoph,

Thanks for your update.

I saw the Mail app settings in “Groupware”. It allow us to create email address with our own domain name. Right?

I also need to update the registration process. Now the Registration App first asked to “Request verification link”. I need to change this flow like below:

  1. Users can able to register using Username and password.
  2. Automatically create an email address like
  3. users can login to the application using username and password / auto generated email address and password.

Is their any app available with this functionality?
or do we need to create a new one? If yes, could you please give me the instructions like how to create a new app and extend the registration process?


Hi akhilesh

I have somewhat same requirement, did you find some workaround for this?