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I am currently discovering Nextcloud and I find this project very good. Thank you

I work with Nextcloud 13.0.5

Could you show me :

On the one hand, if it is possible in a Nextcloud to create a fine management system of users. My project is as follows: I use my administrator account to be a “Super-admin”, I create an account for the administrator ("Admin-A) managing the share folder so that he can manage this one (Both for the management of files and users.) Attention it is absolutely necessary that a user of a shared folder “A” can not consult or modify the contents of the file share nome “B” and vice versa. Please, thank you

On the other hand, is it possible to have an accused of consultation when a user consults for a file sharing? If yes, how do you please?

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Yes this is definitely possible. You can e.g. have e.g. use groups or cycles apps to add users to and the permissions app to restrict read/write permissions for these groups, cycles or individual users or simply have one non-super-admin user each, create/own the shared folders and share it to the desired group of users, groups or cycles. Cycles btw are sort of groups, but created/maintained by an ordinary user, instead of just by (super-)admin users.

Note that these Admin-A/B users need to be ordinary users AFAIK, but you can grant them the one or the other way the needed permissions for the shared folders.


Thank you for this quick response and I am satisfied with my question about assigning a role of group administrator for a given share folder. Thank you

Could you tell me if there is a system of “full activity tracking” that allows a group administrator or the administrator of Nextcloud to know the full activity of a group member (download of a file, opening of a file, modification of a file, deletion of a file, with the date of the said action), as part of a functionality of Nextcloud or as part of the functionality of a plugging from Nextcloud? Please Thank you

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