CrateDB as alternative database?

Hi Everyone,

 What would be the difficulty in adding in Crate from as an alternative DB? They apparently have php bindings and drivers [1] so I'm hoping not too hard.


[1] :

I can’t help you directly, but adding new databases is not only a problem of integrating it once, after that it needs to be maintained and tested. What are the benefits of this database?

It’s more an interesting project than something that solves a need. CrateDB plays really well in a container and I’m running a custom build of NC where I’ve broken apart nginx, redis, and php-fpm into separate containers. I also use Rancher [1] to orchestrate and schedule these. At this point every container can die and be re-spawned in seconds in any node Rancher controls. The only weak point is the postgreSQL db which writes to disk. CrateDB helps with this issue by balancing db data access if a node goes down. It’s super easy to use as well so the focus goes back to making NextCloud better. :slight_smile:

Can you point me towards the php files that I should be concerned with?


[1] :

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I be interested in your setup. Would you be willing to host a configuration files minus the sensitive bits?

Hi Mass,

This is not working yet, I haven’t even found the relevant php scripts to work with yet. :confused: