CPU usage or I/O usage

Hello Nextcloud users and developers. wondering if anyone has had their service terminated because Nextcloud uses too much I/O - especially when updating. the damaging things is the updates never get installed. no matter how much tweaking as the hosting provider changes PHP options?? seems that any usage to my nextcloud account sends my usage out of the box.
I’d like to send updates from the app is self but that will cost me in I/O usage. many of the latest apps simply dont work and loads slowly - real slow.

You should find a better provider. If you have problems with basic things, I bet you can’t never use Nextcloud properly.

You would be correct! we use web hosting and pay 16.00 per month. we were suppose to get unlimited everything. initially nextcloud worked, then we started getting errors. they cant or wont update msql to the latest version. so I am guessing they are a re sharer, like they signed up unlimited and offering us unlimited. but when that happens, it comes with penalties and restrictions. we have to disable some apps but that don’t seem to work.

just refreshing a nextcloud app page seems to use up all the I/O!
this is only 1 user activity with NO data and just page refresh on CPanel

The number of people paying for hosting Nextcloud surprises me. To me the point of it is to host it in-house so you have full control. But I suppose in this case you at least have partial control of the host server where with Dropbox or equivalent you have no control at all.

It must be a short leash they have you on if it won’t even update without overloading.

Imagine how we felt when we were reading all the fixes here on the forum, trying to figure out what and how we mis configured something. Tweaking the options that were given us?! This is supposed to be OUR server and we paid what the hosting provider PROMISED to give in services – UNLIMITED… we don’t abuse things but they seem to make changes to the functions of the control panel – all the time. I am only sharing at this point so that others are not beating a dead horse trying to fix things that aint broke or they really cant fix due to hosting provider tweaking for their benefit. We were given the option to upgrade to 50.00 per month service IN HOPES nextcloud would work – again.
Just can’t make that type of investment yet. Guess by the time they are done, no one will be able to afford nextcloud? Its alternative – onecloud of sorts is useless. You can’t configure anything! Even one your own domain!
Well, thanks y’all for the chats!

It sounds like Nextcloud really has nothing to do with your problem. Consider running it on your own hardware.