CPU and RAM requirements

Hi. We are planning the Nextcloud 19.0.2 deployment to work from home, and we need to determine the CPU and RAM resources for a Nextcloud instance on the server.

The Nextcloud instance will have a maximum number of 200 users with the following applications installed:

  • External storage support
  • RainLoop
  • Talk
  • Calendar
  • Tasks
  • Draw.io
  • OnlyOffice
  • External sites
  • Contacts
  • Files

Can you help us?
Thank you for your attention.

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Sorry i can not really help you. But you can read this document.

For newer versions read https://portal.nextcloud.com/article/nextcloud-deployment-recommendations-7.html (Enterprise Support).


  • the document is for an old nextcloud version (you must use newer Hard- and Software)
  • you need additional CPU and RAM e.g. for Talk and OnlyOffice

very useful information
Ok Thanks

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