Countinue big file upload with Desktop Client after break

Hey there,

in one of my projects the question came up, if we can use Nextcloud in the field of video production. There are really big files involved and also the camera persons are not always at places with fast and stable internet connections.

So my question is, if an upload of a big file via the Desktop Client continues after every break - so if the laptop / computer is disconnected from the internet for some minutes and also if the computer is switched off over night…

Would be great to get an answer… Tried hard to find it via searching this forum and asking Google - but still not sure.

If you have any other idea what we should be aware of for this project, please be free to give me a hint. :slight_smile:

Thanks and all the best,


Maybe try it yourself.

That’s rude, unhelpful and unnecessary.

He doesn’t have a server set up, and this isn’t something that could be figured out quickly by someone new to the platform. But it is reasonable to expect that other users may have already encountered it.

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Because of the chunking, it should be able to handle this, but 'd avoid it if possible - the desktop client sync is the worst part of Nextcloud.

Make sure you adjust the client settings to allow for large files too.

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Hey Kyle,

thank you! Yes, I also had the impression that the client is quite weak compared to other solutions…

How to adjust the client to allow large files? Can’t find a setting like that…

When the client is running, go to Settings > General and uncheck the “Ask for confirmation before synchronizing folders larger than” checkbox.

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