Could not resolve OCA\\DRpc\\Db\\RpcMapper! ... does not exist",

I’m struck with an error about my nextcloud not finding its Mapper implementation.

I’m trying to mimic the tutorial: Tutorial — Nextcloud latest Developer Manual latest documentation

My Mapper class is “RpcMapper”. It can be found here: nextcloud-dwellir-rpc/RpcMapper.php at main · erik78se/nextcloud-dwellir-rpc · GitHub

Is indeed in my filesystem on the server (which works fine):

root@juju-a242f8-0:/var/www/nextcloud# ls /var/www/nextcloud/apps/drpc/lib/Db/
Rpc.php  RpcMapper.php

What am I doing wrong?

Hello @erik-lonroth,

your information is sort of incomplete. Could you tell us in which file the bug happens? What class is affected?

A matter is just a general class that is derived from a dedicated class of the NC core. So, this looks (at first glance) like a problem with your imports.

Where is the error manifesting itself? On the frontend as an error page, in the nextcloud.log file, or even somewhere different? Please post a quote of the complete error you see. This will help to debug the problem.

Have you enabled debug mode in the NC server you are using as a test instance? This might get more logs to the output.

I’m not sure, but from a first glance “DRpc” looks at odds with the directory name “drpc”, maybe the directory mapping is throwing you a curve ball there.

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It turned out to be me not being consistent in the class naming so basically after some cleanup and assistance from a community member “SystemKeeper” - it all started to work.

Thanx for the assistance!