Could not hide email adress?

Hey there,

i have updated to NC 12. a very nice version!!! But one thing is missing or i do not found it yet… How can i hide my email adress?


Where exactly do you want to hide your mail address?

Hey, i want to hide the Email in the personal profile. In NC 11 there were a button where I could change the email to “private” “public” and one other point. But this button is missing in my MC 12. Yesterday I have downloaded the zip file from this website and installed it. So the version ist 12.0.2
Maybe there is an app which is needed to hide this personal information?

P.S I have an other cloud at home

I hope you are able to understand my english :astonished:

oh hey…
this icon is still there in nc12. under set-up - user - email (right next to “email”)

No, not in my Cloud… I habe two clouds with exaktly the same version oft NC (12.0.2) running in two different systems in two different networks… The only thing that ist the same: the zip file was downloaded from

Maybe it is an bug?