Could not access nextcloud webpage after upgrading to postgresql 15


I have nextcloud 29.02 on openwrt 22.03 (nginx+php8.1+postgresql v14). Today I flash new openwrt firmware v23.05.03, so now I have nginx1.25+php8.2+postgresql v15), and I applied the same changes to the default configuration of nginx/php/postgresql. In the beginning the system reported ā€œincompatible databaseā€ error. so I did the following steps (see reference PostgreSQL: Documentation: 16: 19.6. Upgrading a PostgreSQL Cluster):

  1. When system was running with old firmware, I dump the database to a file by command: pg_dumpall > pgsql14backup

  2. After new firmware is up to running, I created new databse:
    sudo -u postgres /usr/bin/initdb -D /opt/postgresql/data

  3. Restore the back:
    sudo -u postgres /usr/bin/psql -d postgres -f pgsql14backup

Reboot the system and now system log says the database is ready to accept the connections.

However, I could not open the nextcloud webpage it gives internal server error, but the strange thing is I am still able to sync files to nextcloud from my iphone or android phone.

So now I am a bit confused, I am not sure if the root cause is from postgresql or php or nginx?

Anytime you see this, itā€™s just a generic error. The details will be in your nextcloud.log (if the transaction is reaching Nextcloud).

Thanks. I could not find any clue in the log file. Appreciate If someone can interpret any issue in the below log file:!ApMKrYMLcr21hvRkTMRRxlp56jTyYQ?e=cdQg41