Cospend: Move bills between projects

Hi Julien (@eneiluj) and Cospend users!

I started using Cospend some time ago to manage shared costs of activities with different groups of people, e. g. when going on vacation trips with friends. For each trip I create a project and share it with the other participants. After the trip every participant ads his bills, the project gets settled and everyone is happy getting this job done so easily.

But then there is an additional use case: I have an ongoing project to manage costs with my partner. We add bills continuously and settle the project from time to time, add bills, settle the project, add bills, …
Now we have the situation that we had some expenses (and added a reasonable number of bills to our project) and want to share these expenses with other people afterwards plus continue as described above.

My idea was to create a new project for that group of people and move the bills from our ongoing project to the new project. But I did not find a way to achieve this. There seems to be no “move bill to other project” functionality in the UI, so I tried to manually “fix” the projectid in the cospend_bills database table. This removed the bills from the old project but lead to an error message when loading the new project.

Is there any possibility to move bills between projects and if not, could this be an improvement for a future version of Cospend?

Would be great if anyone could help. And thanks for your time.

Fyi, projects has been replaced by related resources. Perhaps similar functionality might be available from it in the future.