Corrupts and will not install

Hey everyone, new to this forum and nextcloud. I’m trying to install the plugin on TrueNas (also new to me, sorry for being a noob haha) and each time I try to install it corrupts the jail and I have to delete in the shell using iocage destroy nextcloud . I tried following a few tutorials and online resources and everyone seems to do it the same way. Am I missing something? My nas is configured, I have it running and was able to access it, but I just cannot get this plugin operating.

TrueNAS 12.0-U1
Using i5 650, 8gb ddr3, pool 1 2tb disk, OS installed on 120gb ssd

System was built on the cheap side using old office equipment on hand

Afaik the you’re installing Nextcloud as a TrueNAS plugin, which means it has been prepared/packaged by someone to run on that NAS. Therefore I would recommend to address the problem in the TrueNAS forum, especially you’re running into a problem installing it in the jail.