Corrupted files


I have a problem with my Nextcloud I am using a virtual appliance (VMware) version 18.04. The directory with the files is decoupled from the system and is located on another virtual hard disk. My problem is that the files are gradually damaged and no longer usable. Unfortunately there is no information in the logs … even after manually downloading the files (from Linux) the files are damaged and cannot be restored.

Yours Lukas.

I think it is not a nextcloud problem. Ask perhaps in a linux forum and/or in a “virtual hard disk” forum for your virtualization type. Or do you use nextcloud encryption?

It is not the virtual hard disk! The whole thing runs on an HPE Gen10 server that is 4 months old. And on 10x 1 TB 10K SAS disks in a RAID 5 and Nextcloud Encription we do not use it but I can check if there could be something with the Linux

Thank you.

Nextcloud uses the normal file system. So you can solve the problem with linux and file system tools. Perhaps you can post details.


Yes I will upload the details, my guess is that the files are on a second virtual hard disk, the ZFS is formatted, that this file system is damaged, I will move all data to another virtual hard disk, which is formatted EXT4. I restore the broken data and then I will have to wait until only files that are older than 4 months have been broken.


the second hard drive in the VMware Nextcloud appliance has an error if you build another hard drive on the ESXi, integrate it into Linux, rezone it, and set the phats on the new hard disk in the Config.php all works. Since then, no more files are faulty

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