Corrupted files after an update

Hi, after an update I got corrupted files (note files). I have a backup. How can I restore the files as well as the keys? Here again the steps what happened:

  1. You had corrupted files (caused by a broken upgrad of your Nextcloud instance?)
  2. You now want to restore your files from a backup
  3. Since you enabled e2e encryption, the files of your backup are encrypted
  4. You need to decrypt your files now to continue working

This is what we have worked out here:

Restore the backup.

Check your /var/www nextcloud.log and updater.log and report issues to the e2e repo.

How can I restore the backup? Just the notes backup?

Apologies, I mis-read your post as you had made a backup of the files you’d encrypted. I am not sure. Check the github repo for more details or share this question to the community chat: Nextcloud

OK, I did a files restore (incl the files_encyrption folders alongside the files folders) but the notes are still not decrypted. How can I restore the keys? Where are the keys located?