Correct way to handled ~$ user locked files


One of our Mac users has a large number of user-locked files generated in their Mac with a ~$ prefix. As I understand it, these files are generated by Microsoft applications whilst the user is editing a document.

These files are causing their NextCloud sync client to generate a large number of notifications since these files are ignored by the client (in the ignored files list).

Id be grateful if any community users could suggest the best way to deal with this situation? I’m assuming these files should not be synched and therefore to avoid all these notifications, is there a suggested way to remove them?

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What kind of notifications do you receive? Have you checked the ignored file list?

Hi Rakekiven,

Thanks for the prompt reply. We are seeing a lot of ~$ files appear in the ignored file list under the ‘Not Synched’ tab. I understand this is correct behaviour of the sync client as these files are set to be ignored?

Is it normal to have a lot of these files in the first place, is there something we should be doing to prevent them from occuring? We weren’t actually aware of them until we started using NextCloud and it started listing lots of these files.

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Hmm …

these dollar files are lock files of working copies on windows. Not sure about the Mac World.