CORE bug in nextcloud


Seems like I have discovered a core bug in nextcloud, I should say, regarding this issue: Nextcloud not cancelling download
at which I didn’t got any reply, it seems like there is no problem or relation with a NFS mount or the plugin itself.
Nextcloud continues “downloading” the file while cancelled the download in the browser because he continues reading it.

I discovered it by trying to download a big file (20GB) from my local storage, and saw that once the download was cancelled, nextcloud continued reading it, just discovered it with a simple iotop:

Does anyone have any idea on why is this happenning on a fresh installation?

Kind regards

Really, I am the only one with this problem?..


I guess nobody tested that on his server so far.
For bugs, please open an issue on Github:

The developers have to look into that then. Please make sure there is no other issue already opened for that bug.