Copying files on android

how do i copy files from a nextcloud driectory to the SD card on android?
(using nextcloud dev in android 4.0.4)
I in the NC folder I can select copy, but I can not change to a local folder to paste.

Not natively supported supported, but you can “send” your file(s) to a native file managed on the device.

Hello! Thank you all for question and answer :slight_smile:

I do not know why, but in my samsung s8 there is no any file manager.

For example, if i use Dropbox i have option Export -> Save to device.

In google i have option " Download" . After using this option i can find file in Download folder.

I have many files which i can’t open and edit from nextcloud. Possibility to export file to any folder on android can help me. But it is also not possible :frowning:

So, it is something like feature request :slight_smile:
Good luck and thank you for great app!

  1. Long-tap file
  2. Tap tripledot menu
  3. “Send”
  4. Select your file manager
  5. Choose a local location to save


Of course you can just hit “Download” on step 3 and find it in the Nextcloud folder on storage - /sdcard/android/media/com.nextcloud.client (seen in Settings)


Thank you!
but on step 4 i have no any file managers in the list. On smartphone there are 1 native file manager and 2 installed. But i do not have any file managers in Send list.

This way work for me! Great!
I am happy :slight_smile:
Thank you!

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