Copy old calender data and tasks to new nextcloud server


I have an big issue… My harddisk of my nextcloud server at home is damaged, and I missed to backup the /var folder, so I lost all nextcloud data which are on the server.

All devices which are connected to the server working fine but can’t sync, of course.

I installed a new nextcloud server with sudo snap install nextcloud. But how can sync now the devices again with the nextcloud server?

I have now idea… Hope somebody can help me


I think safest is to create an ics export from a client which has all calendars+tasks and import it via calendar app web UI. I am currently not sure if tasks are always included by this, probably some client has a separate export option for this.

Then sync clients with the new calendar+tasks as new/dedicated entry, check that nothing is missing, then remove the old ones.

If tasks are not imported together with the ics, then as said above, you need to find any other export option by any client. You can then add/sync the new Nextcloud tasks instance and import the exported file on the client where you exported it before, to have it syncing the old tasks back to the server.

Thanks MichaIng.
For the calendar sync app, but as you said the tasks are not exported … I didn’t found an app to export calendar and tasks (or only tasks)
Do you now an app you can do that?

Hmm, OpenTasks (Android app) has no export function, indeed. I never used other apps on my phone.

I just checked on Thunderbird Lightning and indeed, exporting a calendar there as well exports attached tasks to the ics file. But that does not help you if you don’t have your old calendar already synced with a Thunderbird client.

But it should be possible to add the new empty calendar + tasks as separate calendar + tasks sync to your client and then copy the old tasks over?

Thanks MichaIng,
I solved it now. The issue I manually moved from to the new location before I delete the old davx account. The contacts was exportet as vcf version 2.1. This i converted with the tool to 3.0

Thanks for your help.
Have a nice week