Copy/Move from external storage

Is is not possible to copy files from external storage to “internal” storage? I don’t have the usual copy/move button?


No problem here with Local and WebDAV.

No entry in the Overflow menu (three dots)?

No, it’s missing

2018-05-04 16_20_12-backup - Dateien - Nextcloud

Only: Add to favorites, Details and Download options

It seems that you are not have the rights to copy/move and delete the files. Maybe a config problem of the external storage. You are the owner of the files? What kind of external storage?

It’s a local storage.

I found out, that I need write access to copy/move the file. For move it makes sense but why can I not copy a file with read-only access?

Possibly because you cannot read the file either, try changing the file owner or permissions, may help.

I think I can read it because I can download it. The permissions are set to 444.

@anon99252149: what permissions do your files have?


With 444 I can copy the Local files, but not move.

Sadly that’s not the case for me?!?
Do you have any ideas what else could be the issue? I’m using Nextcloud 13 by the way.

Should I create a issue on Github?

Github issue