Copy Files only once and if moved in subfolder, don´t copy again

Hi, i need a little bit special feature but i couldn´t find anything. The backround is to send Files (PDFs Bills, Receipts etc.) to our external accounting supplier. So far no problem works very well with the Sync App on both sides.

But, we want to make sure, that if they have booked a bill on their side, they must move it into a subfolder “done”, it shouldn´t be synced/copied from us to them then again.

How can i make sync/copy Files from A to B only once?

Thank you.

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This looks very similar to what I use in my daily work routine. Completed work is moved to a “Erledigt(Done)” folder.
As soon as your accountant moves the corresponding file, it should also be synchronized back to you, so also on the server and in your sync client it is then out of the “Buchhaltung(Accounting)” folder and in the “Done” folder. So where should the file then be transferred “again”?

Or did I misunderstand you?

The thing is, they are not trustworthy users :-). They delete files and make chaos. This is why i only copy to them and not sync back. And to make sure, they really booked everything and see new incoming bills, they have to move it in the folder “Erledigt”.

But when you move a file from one folder to another folder, it looks from some point of view like one file is deleted and the other one is created new. Maybe they are doing everything correct?

Administrators sometimes need to act like dictators in such cases and educate properly :wink:

I did a testrun and if they moved a file to “erledigt”, nextcloud just copied the file again. Oh yes, that´s so true.

from your instance to his, so that at the end you have got two of the same files, one in “Unerledigt” and one in “Erledigt”?

That sounds realy strange!

Is he logged in as the same user?

Is it on normal (shared) space, groupfolder or external storage?

If he is logged in as an other user and the directories are shared to him, what are his rights? Is he allowed to edit create AND delete the files in the shared directory structure?

Let me try to explain it easier.

A PDF File is synced from my Server A to their Server B. So far so good.

Now when Accounting User on their Side B has finished his job with the File, he moves this PDF File on his side B to a folder called “Done - erledigt”.

But a few seconds later, it apears again on the place where it was originally copied to. And the other file is in “Done - erledigt.”

Doesn´t the nextlcoud client recognize when a file is moved and once copied? It is not configured to sync, only to copy from A to B.

Background is, i must have to make sure that the accountat has booked every single file and make it easier for them to see new bills in the folder that has to be booked.
So nextcloud must only copy once or a file has changed on my side.

I solved it. I gave the User only Create Permission. After ich changed and Change and Delete, it worked.

Thanks anyway! Lead me to the right solution.

Its exactly that what I told you in

Thank you very much.