Copy data via ssh into Nextcloud folders

I need to copy a lot of data into my Nextcloud account. The Nextcloud server I have in my local network. Now I don’t want to copy all data on one of my computers to sync it into the Nextcloud. Also I don’t want to upload all the data with the Webclient.

When I copy it directly into the the folders of my Nextcloud account, I don’t see the files. I think there are the related database entries needed.

Is there a way to copy all my data directly into the filesystem?


Copying direct into the data folder isn’t encouraged. If you do this you need to run the relevant occ command to have NC scan for changes.

Alternatives include mounting webdav on your machine and copying in, adding the folder your new data is in as an external folder and moving it in the web interface or using the client

IIRC, you can use the nextcloud-cient cli.
I did it once to copy file locally.

Thanks for the answers. Rescanning the folders via nc cli workes perfectly.