Copy data from older server to new server

Hello Everyone!

I have two servers. On older Server i installed the nextcloud version 20 and on new server i installed the nextcloud version 21.

Now i want to move data from older server to new server. I have to migrate the users from old server to new server. How it can be possible?

In my old machine i used apache and on the new machine i am using nginx.

how this can be done

Thank you

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the general question was asked on the forum several times already. would you please be so kind and use the built-in searchfunction of the forum (:mag: in upper right corner of menuebar)

(btw: if you’d upgrade nc20-server to nc21 it would work even smoother)


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Thank you for the answer! i have gone through the forum. what i understand, kindly correct me if i am wrong (i cannot upgrade nc20 ).

First step : Do backup on nc20
Now my question how can i export that into nc21?

I am new to nextcloud, i am mixing some things

Thank you

Must you really migrate all information from the server (e.g. share-link, contacts, …) or do you only want that user migrate their data on their own? If second you can allow the user to use both nextclouds (on the second are only the empty users) and the users migrate their data e.g. with the desktop app.

i want to migrate all the files, links and user login details, pdf files that are linked to old server.

Canyou guide me this here?

as in old server i used apache and in the new server i am using nginx

I think that is a problem. I think you do not get e.g. the links back. You only get back the links if you migrate the old nextcloud to a new server.

You can first read backup and restore for migrating. You can migrate the data and database from your old server to a new fresh server but with the same nextcloud version.

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ok i understand! so it is not a good option to move from different version of the nextcloud?


well trial & error… i would just try it. in case of errors restore backup of new machine

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Yes. Perhaps it also works.

As far as i know, you need to copy the files folder, and you need to backup your DB and restore it on the new server as it was. In addition to this you need to reinstall all applications (as well as copy the configuration of those applications) on the new server, but this should be clear.

Edit: Your data folder normally lays at /var/www/nextcloud/data or /var/www/html/nextcloud/data.

If not you should find it in the config.php of your nextcloud