COPS for OPDS Feeds and Nextcloud

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@Cryx You can run COPS, which works alongside Nextcloud. It would be an excellent choice for porting into the appstore as it is built with PHP, however it seems the dev does not like nc. The existing files_opds app will not be seeing future development until it finds a new maintainer. Hope this helps!

Oh, I always thought COPS needs a calibre library so I didn’t dive deeper into that (I don’t like Calibre cause it needs the files in it’s own library and that kills my folder structure).

I think I’ll look into that again. PHP is not that complicated at last, but within the last weeks I worked on my php programming skills. If it would be possible to fork a Nextcloud app… Let’s have a look.

Could you please explain what you mean with this? I keep my “Calibre books” as a Folder in Nextcloud and so my Calibre library is synced over all my devices.

I organise my books (mixed epub, pdf, cbr/cbz, and additional data like txt, png and jpg) in a folder structure. One reason is that the “Covers” app on Windows 10 uses this structure, the second is that I can put things together into one subfolder what I need for lots of my digital rpg stuff (and that’s mostly pdf). Calibre imports everything into it’s on library (and sorts it in folders based on author name) and kills my sorting structure that way so it gets useless for me and also doesn’t work with the Covers App.
So I want an opds app that simply generate its feed from all the data in one or more given folders.

You are correct It will use Calibre library format; that is the standard.

And in that case that’s the difference to to old Nextcloud App that just scans given folders and generates the feed.