Copiable Federated Cloud IDs


I posted in “support” asking “how to extract a FCID” from a remote share, but it seems that doesn’t exist.

I guess there are 2 feature requests here:

  1. Easy access to my FCID

Right now, one has to go to “Settings” -> “Sharing” to find their FCID, it could also be right there in “Personal Info” (“Settings” landing page).

  1. Easy access to a remote FCID

A friend shared a file from their NC with me, I gave them my FCID, now I can see the shared file, that’s great. But, I can’t get their FCID in a copy/paste friendly way. I have to hover the mouse over the field and manually re-type it, or, use the browser’s developer tools (without “right click”).

It would be nice to see the owner of a share (local or remote) in the “details” panel, and even better, if I could copy/paste it (I’d like to share back a different file with them).

I hope this makes sense and isn’t just noise.
: ]


It would be very cool if the user of the federated share (Shared from) would be displayed on the right side in the sharing-part.

Example (perhaps with cut-and-paste-option).


Perhaps someone like to wrote an issue at GitHub.
Perhapys a developer reads this post and likes my picture.

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