Cookbook App does not work anymore after updating to Nextcloud 21.0.5

Hello everyone,

First off: Thank you for this awesome piece of software!
Second: I am (obviously) no professional, just a simple user. Our instance runs on a managed server.

After the last Nextcloud update to 21.0.5 we cannot use the app anymore.


Other things that I noticed:

  • search does not work (as in not at all), but that was an issue from the start
  • on the server (GUI), I see an empty category that contains items. If I try and see what’s in it, the system says “page not found”

Currently, there are 251 recepies in our database at the moment.

Any thoughts?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Could it be that the updater has disabled the app and not enabled anymore after the update?

It seems you are using a 3rd party app on your mobile phone (Android?). Am I right? Which app are you using?

Can you access the cookbook app within the Nextcloud web interface?