ConvertType.php Disabled?

I am attempting to migrate from MariaDB > PostgreSQL and am getting a “ConvertType.php disabled error”. I am running Nextcloud 29.0.2, but I also had the same error on 29.0.1. Both Nextcloud and the DB’s are dockers.

Here is the command I am running:

occ db:convert-type --port 5432 --password “postgrepw” --clear-schema --all-apps pgsql nextcloud postgreIP nextcloud

Here’s the error:

Any ideas?

It is temporarily disabled due to a regression that occurred in 29.0.0 that could not be addressed in time for 29.0.1. Unfortunately the 29.0.2 maintenance release had a shorter release window so it did not make it there in time either.

There is a preliminary patch that was posted today but hasn’t entered the formal review stage as a PR. I have not reviewed it yet myself but happened to see today.

It’s here if you’re curious: [Bug]: db:convert-type uses systemConfig instead of command line parameters for connection to new target database · Issue #45257 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

Make a backup before testing

Otherwise may need to wait for 29.0.3.