Converting from Percona mysql database to postgresql

Hi all,

I am running nextcloud version 14.0.3 that is connected to a percona mysql database version is 5.7.
I want to migrate all data to postgresql version 11 so i am trying to do this with the following command
/opt/local/bin/php /Websites/nextcloud/occ db:convert-type --all-apps --password “pwd” pgsql
and nothing happens no eror nothing only line that i am getting is Creating schema in new database
and that’s it.
When i go in to the postgres database i see nothing happening.
when i try with the same user and password connect to the postgresql database i can create tables etc etc so i know that the connection is working but i do not see an error in the log file
is there a way to debug or put this is debug mode?
or is there an other way to move from Mysql to postgres?