Converting db from SQLite to MySQL (safe to do?)

I currently find myself approximately 3,000 km away from where my server sits. I’d like to convert my database from SQLite to MySQL. I feel that I must do this because I need to purge my ip address from the oc_bruteforce_attempts table )I can’t sync my shu fone and tablet because they’re timing-out due to the bruteforce delay). I can easily access my server via ssh and I’m confident that I can purge the table with MySQL commands but, I’ve no idea how to do this while my db is in a SQLite format.

If I scew-up, I don’t have the opportunity to run down to the basement and give the server a good kick before rebooting in an attempt to recover :wink:

My question is, therefore, is it currently “safe” to do the following from afar:

Login to the shell:
	mysql -u root -p

View all of the databases:
	show databases;

Open up the Nextcloud database:
USE heviidatabase;

Show all tables, use:

To show all values from the oc_bruteforce_attempts table, use:
SELECT * FROM oc_bruteforce_attempts;

To remove delete an IP from the table, use:
DELETE FROM oc_bruteforce_attempts WHERE IP="";

On the other hand, could somebody please provide me with the guidance to clear my ip address from the current database? That would probably make things much easier!