Convert tasks to events

I need to sync a bunch of due dates and tasks with somone who only uses google calendar (not tasks, calendar) for due dates. Need to make it so when I make a task or a nextcloud card, it pops up as an event on their calendar. Not a vtodo or whatever.

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The Nextcloud Deck app is capable of exposing it’s cards (with due data) as calendars. This way, your buddy with the Google calendar might be able to sync the cards via CalDAV.

Not exactly what you are looking for, but maybe helpful.

Doesnt the deck app expose the events as vtodos? Like, I tried usiung vdirsyncer to sync deck calendar with my local calendar and it worked but evolution processed them as tasks, which tells me they are likely vtodos, which google and outlook wont process.

or something? I dont know much about how caldav works other then that its widley supported and I can use a mishmash of vdirsyncer and nextcloud

I need a way for people who dont use nextcloud, and who wont use nextcloud, who are stuck in their own walled gardens and ways of thinking, to access to the deadlines and tasks I make in nextcloud in their own exsisting systems (like google or outlook). They can do it with the files I share, which is amazing, but other then that nextcloud seems really stuck in either its own ecosystem or on other niche apps that no one uses (like Davx5). This kind of interoperability is essential, nextcloud should not be a walled garded.

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