Control of push notifications

Nextcloud 16.0.4 (stable channel) in docker, Nextcloud Android app version 3.7.2.

I am using “Two-Factor Authentication via Nextcloud notification” for login approval via push notifications to the Nextcloud app on Android.

This works great, however along with that I also get push notifications of available app updates and other random push notifications (like one during the night advertising a conference of some sort??)

I don’t mind seeing these when I log in to Nextcloud via web browser, but I definitely do not want them sent to my phone, waking me up during the night.

From the Android system’s perspective, these are all lumped together as “push notifications” from the Nextcloud app, so I can’t mute update notifications but allow auth requests - my only choice is to mute all notifications from Nextcloud.

Is there a way within nextcloud of selecting which types of events are sent to me via push notification and which aren’t, or is my only choice to disable the update checker entirely or not use any push notifications at all?



I came here (support) for the same reason, so “me too”.

My suggestion to Nextcloud is to send messages via email so that people can manage their notifications and read them on their own terms. Having trivial messages pushed at you does nothing but alienate your users.

The desktop client should only popup notifications about files.


Me too!!!

I’m so annoyed with these spam notifications I came here, registered an account, just to leave this message. I second your statement that the desktop client should only notify me about file related events.

Maybe there could be an App to configure an external push notification system like Gotify? I think it can be configured to filter notifications. See:

That would also be more privacy concious as if would not depend on Google’s/Apple’s push notification servers.

Even if I could disable all notifications except 2FA notifications, that would be almost enough. But really, being able to selectively enable or disable different types of notifications seems like a very basic thing.

I have to leave all notifications disabled or else I will get woken up in the middle of the night with an alert that one of my nc apps has an update available! I really don’t need to learn that at 3 AM!