Contribute to Design - Starter kit?

Hi everyone,
I was wondering whether there was some kind of starter kit for designers who’d like to contribute to Nextcloud’s design? Any Figma or Penpot files so I don’t start from scratch?
Thank you!

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There is the plan (as far as i understood) to provide a pen pot file in order to allow working with design (both enhancing design as well as developing apps).

I suggest that you have a look at the design team. There is a weekly call of one hour where design is discussed. Typically various aspects of apps are decided upon.

Maybe you can have a look at the links in UI standards and theming - #2 by christianlupus

Thank you Christian !

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see also Design - Nextcloud
there is a dedicated talk room linked there that you are also probably interested in to join

I think he already joined, as I have seen a very similar question asked there recently.

Yes, I did, thanks

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Just FYI, there is a Penpot file as linked on the Design page. :slight_smile: