Contribute to android app

Hello my name is Alex. I am a computer sience student and i wan’t to start contributing to the nextcloud android app. I already work as a web developer so i’am familiar with the git developing workflow and so.
After i studied the repo there are a few questions left:

1.I looked at the issue list and found a lot of tickets. Should i just pick a issue or is there any prioritization?
2.What should i do if there a questions left? Should i leave a comment or is there any person like a product owner?
3. Is there a better way to chat with other developers? -I try multiple times to join the IRC channel but always get rejected (with and without password)

This is my first time on a open source project so i would embrace every hint that you can give to me.

Thank you and have a nice day

@tobiasKaminsky, @Andy can you please jump-in and answer these development related questions.

Hi Alex,

thank you very much for your interest in helping us.

  1. Just pick any issue you want to fix, but there are also"good+first+issue"+sort%3Aupdated-desc which are labeled with “good first issue”, which are probably easier to start with.
  2. If you have an issue related question, just post it on this issue. Do not hesitate to ask!
  3. For this we have irc, it should work without any password (in our channel). I tried it and it seems that e.g. when using you have to register your Nickname. I remember that Freenode (they run the irc service) did that to prevent spam.

As I am not that much in this forum, I’ll prefer irc/github for discussion.

Welcome onboard!