Context menu with 'Open with' item

In order to open a file like .py ( or any file that is non-binary ) I had to either download it or rename it to .txt in order to view it - has anybody been able to create a custom context menu using … or right click app to view any file using the text editor or Onlyoffice. I want the end user be able to open the file this way ie not pre-defined file type handled by e.g. Onlyoffice since that setting is global and set by the admin.

Windows and other OS has been doing this for ages, and Nextcloud has the text editor that could do it exactly the same way.

Maybe adding an option ‘View with’ would allow for viewing but not editing the file, making it safer, as most of Nextcloud tools are setup for auto save, and in theory could change a file.

This is a good request, however, it will demand creating handlers at the level of each app which may operate with files, as well as adding limitations per groups.