Context menu: can't share with deck and permissions list is not complete

  1. In the “Share options” window (that is reached from the context menu after right-clicking on a folder in Windows File Explorer) there is no option to share with a deck which is possible in the web app. However, if I have shared with a deck I am able to see the share in the desktop app and manage the access permissions.

  2. The access permissions list is different from the web app. Allow deleting, creating, and resharing options missing.

Hello and welcome to the community support forum :wave:!

Looks like you are messing up a few things here, so let me share some information:

  • The Deck app does not have a standalone desktop client (there are non-official 3rd party clients for Android and iOS)
  • The official Nextcloud desktop client is only for files (and partially activities). There are links to open other apps in the browser, but the native integration is primarily for files.
  • Sharing a file is possible via the web UI (files app) and the desktop client (context menu).
  • Sharing a board is not possible via the desktop client as a “board” is a Deck specific item which the desktop client (only for files) does not know.
  • There are also attachments of Deck cards, which are stored in a folder called /Deck in your user home. Those attachments are files and can therefore also be shared via the files app (and / or) the desktop client.

So the sahring concepts aren’t that easy as you see.

Please describe in exact steps, what you did and what you expected to see, ideally with screenshots.

Be clear about your terms (for example: is a “Desktop app” the native windows client or the web UI of the corresponding app?), then we will be able to help you better :wink: