Contacts - Thunderbird and PHone numbers and addressbooks

I am using NC 22.2.3

I have had the following two issues for a long time.
An address book for a contact, it is not displayed once selected.
After selecting the type of phone number(work, home, etc…), after selection, it is not displayed, once selected.

I had NC 21.x installed on my server and I had the same issue.

Last night, I was working with a friend and I mentioned this to him. He said that he sees them just fine.

I ended up trying another browser.

I use Firefox 84.x.

I tried Opera.

Everything worked in Opera.

Is there a known bug/issue with Firefox and the display of these two things? It does not stop me from using NC and Contacts but it is a little annoying not knowing what I have chosen for these fields.


Latest version of Firefox is 96. Have you tried upgrading?