Contacts not showing up correctly after 2.0.1 update

I just updated to 2.0.1 and now contacts isn’t showing up correctly. I have cleared my browser cache. Should I do something else after the update?

I’ve attached a screenshot of what I am seeing. I blacked out some of the contact information.

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This happens when no css is applied - it should normally work but you seems like an edge case, would you mind opening an issue on Then we can analyze the problem in detail over there - please provide your browser console log, nextcloud log, etc.

I can confirm this issue as I’m experiencing exactly the same problem. Looking at the browser network tab, I cant see the contacts style.css being loaded anywhere.

Nextcloud 11 or 12? Would you mind opening an issue on There is our issue tracker.
Either way try clearing the browser cache, use a different browser and/or the private mode of your browser.

Hi @irgendwie
I just opened an issue: #387
And yes, i tried to clear the cache and used Firefox 55 and 56 (sorry no other browsers available right now) with and without private mode.

Thanks @shieldwed. I’m posting on the issue now.

For anyone following this, the issue has moved to:

I’m still waiting for a confirmed fix.