Contacts: how to delete a group

Hi all,

I have created a group called ‘test’ to play around with, and now I cannot find a way to get rid of it again.
Of course I googled for it, and found older entries that say a group cannot be deleted anymore, which I can’t belive.

Sorry if it is a silly question, but I just can’t find the trick.


Nextcloud 21.0.3 / contacts app: 4.0.1

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Using the search function before creating a new post is always a good idea :wink:
Check out this one:

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Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
As said, I googled, but could hardly believe that a group cannot just be removed/renamed. But now I know this is the case, and that’s fine for me then. Your hint there is it for me: remove all users out of a group, and on next login the group has dissapeared.

However, this solution shows the dimensions in which folks of nextcloud think. While this is the way to go for 5 group members, it’s a bit inconvenient for 5.000.

Also, to add an OT thought: mark the first mail in a mailbox, then shift-click the last entry, and all mails are marked. So far so good. But then delete it…? Works here at a speed of 1-2 mails per second. Is again nice if you want to delete 5 mails. But what if you have a mailbox with 20.000 lines - wait 20.000 seconds until the job is completed? uhh… maybe no :wink:

Bottom line: if you’re thinking in small dimensions, NC works mostly fine. For bigger numbers it might not be the right tool

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Not yet, anyway. These problems are easy to remediate if somebody bothers to spend some minutes to relevantly improve its code.