Contacts-App understanding (link between oc_cards and oc_cards_properties)

Hi all,

I’m just try to understand the behavior of the contacts-app, as I see a for me not real clear proceement in the app:
fro what purpose the two tables oc_cards and oc_cards_properties are used in the App? I’ve made some tests on my localinstallation, and find out,that it looks like it has no relevance if I change information’s in the Table oc_cards_properties. Only if I change informations directly in the Blobs of os_cards, the webinterface recognize a change. Forme it looks like the properties-table is not really used in the webinterface, just only to store the data again. I would expect the process will be very much faster if the properties-table will be used?

Why I’m generally asking this: I try to find a way to have an flat table view for the contacts, so that the maintenance for a huge list will be easier. So I starting to analyze how the data are stored.

Thanks for any input.