Contacts and tasks apps

I am runing Nextcloud 19.0.8 and have run into two issues I would like some help with:

  • It seems that the addressbook does not allow for more than four websites for an individual contact. Is this correct? I have contacts with more than four websites that do not seem to sync up to the nextcloud backend.
  • It seems the tasks app does not have a field for URLs where website links can be stored.
    In both the above situation I have Android contacts with more than four websites and many tasks which have URL field information and neither seems to sync correctly with Nextcloud.

Not seeing data in the Nextcloud web gui of the apps doesn’t automatically mean that it isn’t synchronized. You can check the existence of the data by exporting a record to a vcf file :wink:

  • Additionally I cannot see any problems creating a new contact record in the Nextcloud Contacts app gui, which contains more than 4 internet urls. Such a record is synchronized using DAVx5 without any problems to an Android phone. Therefore it might be possible that the problem is cause by e.g. the app you’re using to display the contacts data.

  • An url field indeed doesn’t exist in the Task app, but a feature request already exists which has been scheduled for the v0.14.0 release.

I see that I am running Task app version 0.13.6 on Nextcloud 19.0.8 - do you expect 0.14 to work on this release of Nextcloud?

As for the syncing, I had added two more websites to a contact who already had four websites in my Android addressbook app. I am using CardDav-Sync to sync between the phone and the Nextcloud backend. Since the revisions did not show up in the Nextcloud addressbook, it is quite possible the fault might lie with the sync app. I now added more website addresses to another contact in the Nextcloud addressbook to see if it syncs down to my phone.

I cannot tell you if v0.14 will be release for Nextcloud 19 too, because it is a decision of the developer for which he provides a new app version. Due to the fact that the Task app is an “official” one and releases are usually provided for all supported Nextcloud releases, it is very likely that Nextcloud 19 will be supported too.

You might should give DAVx5 a try if your tests aren’t successful.

Just checked the contact in question and the VCF-file contains only four URLs, not six. As I mentioned in another message, it is possible the problem might lie in the sync adapter. I will do some more research.

I did some research and was able to create six URLs on an existing contact in the Nextcloud address book, this contact then correctly synced to my tablet at which time I then deleted the extra URLs and it synced correctly back to Nextcloud.

I then realized that the contact on the tablet did not sync to Nextcloud due to one of the contact’s phone number containing a letter rather than numbers, +, -. Apparently this prevented a sync. Once this was corrected on the tablet the contact with six URLs on the phone synced correctly to Nextcloud.

So, problem resolved. Thank you for your help.

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By the way, do you plan to add field/fields for adding files to tasks?

A related feature request already exists to get this function added to the tasks app: