Contacts 3.3.0 not syncing on 18.04 with ios 13.4.1 and mac 10.15.4


I have (since some time) huge problems to sync my contacts (created on iPhone does not appear on NextCloud web GUI or mac address book, created on NextCloud web GUI does not appear anywhere else, …).

Groups are not working in any way on my Apple-Devs. I can not move contacts into groups, and groups created within the web GUI do not appear on my phone…

Just an initial import via NextCloud web GUI of my contacts, and a fresh created account on mac and phones works, but just this one time. If I edit any account, nothing is synced!

My calendar is working perfectly.

NextCloud 18.0.4, (some updates and some freshinstalls within 3 years without any problems)
iOS 13.4.1 and Mac OS 10.15.4

iOS / Mac account creation:

  • Automatic
  • user@sub.domain.tld:2345
  • Pwd

(The old way with username, servername and /remote.php/dav/addressbooks/users/name/ does not work anymore.)

Your help is really appreciated!

Do you have any logs in your HTTP server (Apache or Nginx) ? Do you have error message on your app ?

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